No Workshop Presenter Duration (Hour) Registration fee (Toman)
1 Deep Learning for Image Processing Dr.Ahmad Reza Heravi 8 220000
2 Reinforcement Learning and Intelligent Systems Dr. Amin Noori 8 220000
3 Biological Signal Processing Dr. Mandana saadat Ghaforian 6 165000
4 Implementation of signal processing algorithms on the ZYNQ chip Mohsen Siavoshi 6 240000

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Dr. Ahmad Reza Heravi

Deep Learning for Image Processing


Over the past decade, deep learning techniques have yielded astonishing results in various areas of machine learning, computer vision, and signal processing. Today, applying deep learning in different applications is a hot topic for scientists, and the development of this knowledge has opened new horizons for the artificial intelligence researchers.

In this workshop, the following topics will be presented:

1-    The importance of deep learning and its principles

2-    Introducing the convolutional neural networks

3-    Introducing the well-known architectures in deep learning

4-    Keras coding for deep neural networks



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Dr. Amin Noori

Reinforcement Learning and Intelligent Systems


Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a class of machine learning that addresses the problem of learning the optimal policies in uncertain and stochastic environments. RL is extremely useful in many fields, such as control problems, robotics, self-driving cars, games, healthcare and etc.

This workshop introduces participants to the concepts and methodologies of RL. In particular, these topics will be discussed: (1) Basic definition of RL (2)Introducing RL components: Agent, Environment, reward function, value function, and policy (3) Monte Carlo method, (4) Temporal Difference (TD) learning method (Q-learning, and SARSA), (5) Using RL methods in a control problems, (6) Simulation of solving a simple game using RL, (7) Controlling drug dosage of  a patient with cancer using TD methods, and simulation of this problem in MATLAB.


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Dr. Mandana saadat Ghaforian

Biological Signal Processing


Main topics of the educational workshop are as follows:

·      Acquaintance with widely used biological signals like EEG and ECG and calling data in MATLAB and EEGLAB Software.

·      Signal pre-processing and introduction of some filters and removal of all types of artifacts and noise from the signal in MATLAB and EEGLAB software.

·      Investigate the ECG signal and extract the HRV signal from the ECG

·      Signals classification


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Mohsen Siavoshi

Implementation of signal processing algorithms on the ZYNQ chip


Today, signal processing in it’s broadest sense is one of the most widely used strategies for extracting useful information from various subjects. The application of signal processing is not limited to mechanical systems and is now very important in the field of applications of biological systems and has many applications.

In this workshop, you will get acquainted with the steps of implementing signal processing algorithms on FPGA, which can be used to implement all signal processing projects, including medical signals, audio, etc.

The following steps will help you:

1. Get acquainted with various signal processing algorithms in software environments such as MATLAB or with the help of C language.

2- Convert these signal processing algorithms to be implementable in FPGA and get acquainted with converting floating-point decimal numbers to fixed-point numbers.

3. Describe and implement the processing algorithm using VHDL language.

4. Compare the results of the algorithm in MATLAB environment with the results of implementation with VHDL to confirm the accuracy of its implementation in FPGA.

The materials presented in this workshop are as follows:

 1- Applications of signal processing algorithms

2- Requirements for implementing signal processing algorithms

3- Familiarity with ZYNQ chip to implement signal processing algorithms 4- Converting floating-point numbers to fixed points in Matlab software for implementation in FPGA

5- Steps of implementation of signal processing algorithms

6- Implementing a signal processing algorithm in FPGA

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline: Nov 6, 2021

Notification of Acceptance: Nov 13, 2021

Workshop Proposal deadline: Nov 6, 2021

Workshop Admission Announcement: Nov 20, 2021

Registration and Submission for Final Version: Nov 29, 2021

Conference Date: Dec 29 and 30, 2021




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